I installed Galleon 0.1 on my machine yesterday. First off: read the instructions. One thing that got me was the fact that it uses JDK 1.5 - all I had was 1.4’s.

This is the first TiVo HME enabled version of what is formerly known as JavaHMO. It has one very neat feature added: you can transfer files from the TiVo to your PC while sitting at your TiVo. So if you like a program, apart from give it a thumbs-up, you can now decide to transfer it to the PC for later editing and DVD burning.

Since I didn’t have the correct JDK installed until this morning, I haven’t been able to test any of it. I will try and do some transfers tonight, and let you know.

Oh, if anyone has a NetGear WG111 working with TiVo, please let me know. The darn thing is frustrating the heck out of me, and it would be nice to know it should work…