So far I have had no luck hooking up the Netgear WG111 I bought 2 days ago. Apparently just disconnecting the old network adapter and plugging in the new doesn’t work (I didn’t expect it to work), but even the following set of steps didn’t work:

  1. Turn TiVo off
  2. Unplug old Linksys adapter
  3. Turn TiVo on
  4. Check that there is no adapter
  5. Turn TiVo off
  6. Plug in new Netgear adapter
  7. Turn TiVo on

I wish I could put down step 8 as “Check that adapter is there and working”, but so far it only shows the old network settings, and no signal. I will have to do some more testing, but so far it is about as frustrating as any of the other wireless network adapters I’ve set up.