TiVo announced their latest goodie: TiVo HME.

The HME is a SDK (yeah I know, TLA’s all over the place), allowing third-party applications to make use of the TiVo display. It looks like JavaHMO, but with the added integration the possibilities seem limitless. The SDK download includes the early adopters version of the kit, a couple of sample applications, and a desktop simulator to test out your applications. You’ll need TiVo 7.1 to use HME.

The sample screens look stunning. This could be very big, and I think TiVo sees this as their next step in software development. They’ve set up a developer’s challenge as well.

Meanwhile, several forums have popped up describing HME. One is a spin-off from the PVR Blog, the HME PVR Blog. Another is a forum on tivocommunity.com, listed under the Underground Playground. Both (and others I’ve undoubtedly missed) look very interesting, and I’ll most certainly will give HME a whirl over the weekend!