Yay! I finally got one for my birthday (June 9th - thanks… no, I don’t mind, 41), a 30Gb iPod Photo. This is a really sleek piece of hardware - about the size of my wallet without the usual accumulation of receipts, notes and business cards.

I’ve managed to squeeze all of my CD’s on it, using a whopping 10Gb of the device. So, what to do with the other 20Gb? Hey, iTunes has some really cool music… and is expanding daily.

But the really cool thing I use the iPod for during travel (car and plane) are the Podcasts. The Daily Sourcecode by Adam Curry is just fun to listen to (bringing back memories of Curry and Van Inkel), and on a recent business trip to Orlando I was listening to a 2 hour show by Leo Laporte of The Screensavers fame. You have to be careful when you listen to this stuff with headphones on - people around you may think you’re mental when you start giggling…:)

Once again, not really a Home Automation post, more a post about what I’ve been playing around with for the last couple of weeks… and of course, the podcasting is automation in the sense that it is sort of a TiVo for Radio…