iTunes Podcasts
This morning Apple released version 4.9 of Apple - iTunes. Amongst the new features are subscribing to PodCasts. The subscription system is really easy - I’m transferring my subscriptions from iPodder to iTunes. However, there seems to be a bandwidth issue with some of the podcasts: I can’t seem to get Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code or the Gillmore Gang. Everything else seems to be trickling in slowly. To the left is a screenshot of my current Podcast directory in iTunes. On the iPod they show up in the Podcast directory of the Playlists section.

Podcast directory
I think Apple is making an excellent decision by integrating the Podcasts into iTunes. Sampling or subscribing to a Podcast is just as simple as adding music to your shopping cart, using the same directory structure.

By the way, you did notice that Blogger now supports pictures right…?