Om Malik’s Broadband log clued me in on this page, with some photo’s of TC Con ‘05! Las Vegas. The really interesting photos are this one showing info on a DVD, with the photo’s after that showing the purchase of that same DVD. Also, it looks like there is an option to show home video’s on your TiVo.

Another thing mentioned is in the caption of this photo, which according to the captions that are far below the photos is a “theoretical TiVo-branded Wireless-G adapter that offloads some of the work from the TiVo box resulting in higher transfer rates”.

Wow… that would be the one thing needed to facilitate the streaming of high-res home video’s and DVD’s to your TiVo wirelessly. We’re still using the old Wireless-B adapters here, and although they are extremely reliable, I’d love to plug in that NetGear WG111 and get a little better transfer rate. Currently the network seems to settle down at around playing speed, regardless of resolution (interesting isn’t it). To have an external device do the transfer would make life easier on especially the Model 50’s TiVo.