I just received an e-mail message from TiVo, announcing an exclusive preview for TiVo Rewards members. The preview is part of the tests that TiVo has been doing over the last couple of months where content is downloaded to your TiVo.

The movie is actually an advanced screening of Tai Seng Entertainment’s “Red Trousers”, a “documentary about the lives and training of Hong Kong martial arts and movie stuntmen. Directed by Robin Shou, this film is an engaging look behind the scenes of the training and culture from which stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and MATRIX choreographer Yuen Wo Ping got their start.”

When you go to www.tivo.com/redtrousers, and sign up for the movie, it says it will download the movie around November 23rd to your TiVo.

Even though the deal with NetFlix seems to have fallen through, TiVo keeps exploring new options, and it looks like this is a step towards downloading movies on demand.