Via Gizmodo I came across the Asus Wl-700gE, a remarkable router.

  • Built-in 160GB Harddrive
  • USB 2.0 connections for external hard drive or thumb drives
  • Efficient heat dissipation via special airflow design
  • Plug in a USB memory device and use easy file transfer with AUTO COPY
  • Support for sharing files (also music, video and/or photos!) both within and outside the network - the last with special accounts you can set up.
  • DDNS support and Web server
  • DHCP server + Samba Server/Local disk
  • Automatic download of files - even with the PC off. Supports BitTorrent, http and ftp protocols.
  • Digital Home Information Center - even supports music files via iTunes - making it possible to use the WL-700gE as iTunes “server”.
  • Support to build web pages on the router.
  • Supports 802.11b/g - no word on 802.11n support.
  • The Broadrange aspect increases signal coverage by 300%

Unfortunately no word on prices yet… but this looks an awesome piece of equipment. It doesn’t look bigger than a regular router, but it packs a lot more punch.
Update: The Gizmodo article has a link to the Ubergizmo article, where it mentions a price of $500.