I’m trying it - again. Maybe this time Linux Desktop is ready for me.

After reading all the good reviews on Ubuntu Linux, I’ve decided to switch. Taking stock of the applications that I use on a regular basis that are not linked to web browsing or E-mail:

The day before I was going to make the actual switch we were browsing through a bookstore and I ran across Ubuntu Hacks, a book with 100 tips and tricks for beginners and experts. It had some interesting hacks in there that I could apply, most notably a step by step on installing several virtual machines.
After looking through some of the descriptions I decided on VMWare Server. This is a free download, and an amazing product. As opposed to the Windows Virtual machine, I didn’t have any issues with the Windows Genuine Advantage tool installation. Plus I love the fact that I now have an image of Windows that is completely pristine, no applications installed, that I can use to rebuild a Windows machine in minutes.
Installing Quicken was a bit of challenge, since I misplaced my installation disk. Once located, it was a breeze.
I haven’t installed anything else yet, since it’s the thick of summer down here, and yardwork and relaxation are also important, but I can’t wait to get my hands back on the box.