A rumor is spreading that the new TiVo HD PVR Series 3 will be announced September 12th and will be available September 13th.
Matt Haughey of PVRblog noticed two comments, one on one of his articles and one on the Engadget article with the pictures of the Series 3, stating this. However, despite extensive searches, these are the only claims made to that effect. When Matt posted an article describing the rumor, the poster who posted the rumor-comment revealed himself as MK153, working at Best Buy.
Apparently he has found a reference to the Series 3 in the Best Buy inventory system. It shows an In-Stock date of 9/17/2006, showing Best Buy SKU’s and UPC codes, and a price of $799.99.
How an In-stock date of 9/17 translates to an available date of 9/13 isn’t clear… if this rumor is true, that is great news, but there is the possibility it is just that - a rumor…