I’m a man of my word…

Unfortunately, we got ourselves a little puppy November the 19th. Daisy is now 16 weeks old, and a serious handful. She’s halfway potty-trained (although last night we had a stumper - after walking her for 10 minutes, she comes in and pees on the floor… oh well…), and happy to chew on anything you put in front of her. We were hoping on starting her puppy training last Monday, but unfortunately that class got canceled. Luckily PetSmart has some classes as well, amongst them a puppy class starting tonight.

All this means that pretty much all the plans I’d made for the week of Thanksgiving got canceled. I’ve been planning on setting up a website for the Foresight User Group at www.foresightug.com, teach myself PHP, and try and get a Wii, but no such luck. But I can’t complain - even though sometimes you can strangle a puppy, Daisy’s saving grace is that she’s so cute.

On our home automation front not a lot has changed. I finally added a little qualifier in one of our MisterHouse scripts, to prevent our lights from going to 50% at 10PM if we’ve turned them off, and changed the schedule around a little bit to allow for 30 minutes puppy time in the morning. The MisterHouse Wiki seems to be doing great - I get a couple of update notices per day.

And that’s pretty much it. Hopefully we’ll have some more time on our hands after Christmas, but I hope to be able to post something before that.