Microsplot has an interesting article contradicting Microsoft’s slogan “100 Reasons You’ll Be Speechless”. Au contrair, MS. People are talking more than ever about Vista, and not all of it is Wow.

Some of the items are not entirely Microsoft’s fault, such as not supplying disks with a new computer, but the majority of the issues are directly to be blamed on Microsoft. You can see a number of quotes from articles around the web for each of the points brought forward in the article.

The 100 things in a nutshell:

  1. Vista is a flop. A disaster. Dead.
  2. Vista is one of the 10 worst tech products of 2007!
  3. Vista is the most disappointing tech product of 2007!
  4. This took five years?
  5. What happened to all the promised features in Vista?
  6. Vista isn’t ready for release!
  7. Vista? Yawn.
  8. Vista? Why?
  9. Vista: The end of the Microsoft empire?
  10. Abandon Vista, Microsoft!
  11. Vista shows that Microsoft is spread too thin.
  12. Microsoft knew they were releasing ‘a pig’.
  13. Microsoft’s most loyal fans can’t praise Vista!
  14. I’m mad at Microsoft!
  15. Vista marketing is senseless!
  16. Vista marketing is sleazy!
  17. Vista’s versions are a confusing mess!
  18. Vista’s upgrade paths are just as confusing!
  19. Upgrading to Vista is a pain!
  20. Upgrades are so much easier on other systems!
  21. Why are some Vista versions so limited?
  22. Vista is too expensive!
  23. Vista’s hardware requirements are unbelievable!
  24. Windows Vista Capable is a lie!
  25. Vista is slow to start up!
  26. Vista is slow all over!
  27. Vista’s a non-stop parade of problems!
  28. Vista’s a downgrade in stability!
  29. Vista breaks my applications!
  30. Vista is frustrating!
  31. Vista spies on me!
  32. Vista’s Software Protection Platform! Yechh!
  33. Vista calls me a criminal!
  34. Get out of my face, Vista!
  35. Vista’s UAC is awful!
  36. I can’t trust Windows Update!
  37. Vista security is still second-class!
  38. Microsoft’s security reports can’t be trusted!
  39. Vista’s driver support is horrible!
  40. Vista’s networking is unreliable!
  41. Vista still has the Registry?
  42. Vista is power-hungry!
  43. Vista’s Sleep mode is lousy!
  44. I can’t use virtualization on Vista?
  45. Vista has too much disk activity!
  46. Vista’s backup is lousy!
  47. A; drive? C: drive?
  48. Vista’s Search is poor!
  49. Vista won’t let me change root certificates!
  50. Vista gives me Internet Explorer 7? No thanks!
  51. Vista’s built-in applications are a step down!
  52. Windows Meeting Space is useless!
  53. Where’s Vista’s answer to iLife?
  54. Windows Media Center is a loser!
  55. Vista’s remote desktop access software is inferior!
  56. Vista still gives me all that crapware!
  57. Vista’s interface is a step bakwards!
  58. Vista changes things for no reason!
  59. Vista’s Flip 3D is a lame Expose!
  60. Vista messes up file menus!
  61. Do I need Vista for anything other than games?
  62. Some ‘Vista advantages’ don’t even require Vista!
  63. Vista has the fit and finish of a Yugo!
  64. Even Vista’s box is poorly designed!
  65. My new PC doesn’t even come with the Vista disks!
  66. Vista licensing restrictions are ridiculous!
  67. Vista server costs are ridiculous!
  68. Vista is just more Microsoft lock-in.
  69. Vista lets Microsoft control my computer!
  70. Windows Genuine Advantage - an advantage to who?
  71. Vista deactivates itself!
  72. Vista’s DRM is inexcusable!
  73. OS X is better than Vista!
  74. GNU/Linux is better than Vista!
  75. Vista rips off other OSes!
  76. Vista’s been leapfrogged by OS X Leopard (10.5)!
  77. Vista doesn’t even match up to OS X Tiger (10.4)!
  78. Leopard is as bad as Vista!
  79. Nobody’s buying Vista!
  80. Vista isn’t spurring new PC sales.
  81. Vista? We’re not even going to think about it until SP1.
  82. Microsoft is lying about Vista sales!
  83. Microsoft is searching for scapegoats!
  84. Why are OS X sales booming since the release of Vista?
  85. IT nerds hate Vista!
  86. Consumers hate Vista!
  87. Enterprises hate Vista!
  88. Even the industry hates Vista!
  89. Vista? Ban it!
  90. Vista? What a joke!
  91. I won’t upgrade to Vista!
  92. I want to upgrade to XP!
  93. Extend my XP support!
  94. I want to buy a computer with XP, not Vista!
  95. Would I install Vista again? No!
  96. How do I uninstall Vista?
  97. Goodbye, Vista!
  98. Goodbye, Windows!
  99. Hello, OS X!
  100. Hello, open source!
  101. Microsoft’s list of 100 Vista benefits is really padded!