Some of the interesting spam subjects I got in the last couple of weeks…

  • “SOLD OUT -LIMITED OFFER-Rolex Watch under 250$” - thanks for letting me know I can no longer benefit from this special offer, since you’ve already sold all of them!
  • “Umbrella staircase” - Hmm, that could be handy if the staircase is outside and it’s raining…? (it turns out that the sender believes 80% of all Christmas gifts will be bought online, and provides me with a link or twenty to buy watches).
  • “Your family” - Errr… what about my family? I’m expecting a “Buy our product or the dog gets it” email next!
  • “Is YOUR family safe? Let ADT Protect you today!” - Phew… got that one just in time!
  • “Become a real man length your banana size!” And be the envy of banana growers everywhere!
  • “Become a true sexual giant in a coming new year!” Our medicine may take a couple of years to have any effect…
  • “BuyViagraSoftTabs!” Wait… soft? I thought the purpose of Viagra was quite the opposite?
  • “I was looking for you” - But now I’m not anymore?
  • “Who wants excess waste in their body” - I’m more than satisfied with the normal amount of waste, we don’t need the excess.
  • “Lose up to 30lbs in 30 Days - Featured on Oprah!” - Literally.
  • “Get a REAL VISA credit card” - So, the other ones I have are FAKE??? Damn.
  • “Get Rid of Pores and Blackheads” - Yeah, let’s get rid of those Pores! What are they good for anyways…?
And so on... 🙂