If you’re like me, you’ve tried keeping plants around, but they seem to die after a week or two. It took me a while to figure out that these green things need water. I always forget to water them, though, switching my attention to much more interesting things (i.e. geekier! :-))

What if your plants could remind you to water them? And what if they did that by twittering you? They would get my attention, for sure.

Botanicalls has a Do-It-Yourself article on how to make a moisture sensor, hook this up to your computer, and install some software to translate the incoming “I am dry” signal to an actual Twitter message. You need to have some basic soldering skills, and not afraid to hook up something you created to a computer. The components can cost you up to $100, depending on what you have laying around USB and power wise.

It looks really interesting, but unfortunately the plants I have/had are a lot less than 100 dollars, so I’d rather buy a new plant.