A little round-up of some baby advice I’ve collected, especially for geeky dads.

Number one with a bullet: Kid-Proof Your Home Theater. Even though we don’t have a very pricey entertainment center in our house, it still has a lot of openings and trays that slide out. Dutch readers may remember Youp van ‘t Hek, asking his toddler why there was a peanut-butter sandwich in the VCR, upon which the toddler explained: “Video hungry!”. If you want to prevent that, read the article…

Next would be the GeekDads podcast. This is also a Wired product, but as opposed to the magazine and the website, this is audio. It talks about how to be a geek and a dad, describing interesting things you can do with your kids that they enjoy, and satisfy your inner geek as well.

Also in the audio category would be The Daddy Cast by P.D. Love. This is a broader daddy podcast, not concentrated on geeky stuff, but on all aspects of fatherhood.

Last but not least is Baby Cheapskate. This blog has reviews of products, but more importantly, a ton of tips on how to save money buying diapers, formula, baby clothes, etc. etc. Worth every article on it.

Have fun with these websites, and if you know of any other interesting sites, please leave a comment.