I just received an email from TiVo, announcing the availability of a new HD DVR: the TiVo HD XL DVR.

TiVo HD XL DVR front view

The product specifications list this unit as:

  • Save up to 150 hours of HD programming at one time
  • TV signal sources: digital and analog cable, digital and analog antenna. Satellite NOT supported.
  • Replaces your cable box using one or more CabeCARD™ decoders available from your cable company
  • Video output modes: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, native, hybrid
  • TiVo Series3™ architecture

TiVo HD XL DVR back view

A - Phone Line
B - Digital audio
C - S-Video out
D - Component video out
E - Composite video and stereo out
F - HDMI out
G - Ethernet
H - 2 USB ports
J - Cable In
K - Antenna in