About a week ago I got the exciting news that WebIS was releasing their Pocket Informant for the BlackBerry. I have used Pocket Informant on my PocketPC before, and was impressed with the features that it had - I never used all of them!

The BlackBerry version is not as extensive as the PocketPC one (a lot of settings seem to be missing - unless it was because it was the Trial version), but the look and feel were identical between the two versions. And as is mentioned on their website, the PocketPC version took over 8 years to evolve into its current form. Their goal with this version was to get the most important Pocket Informant features onto the BlackBerry.

There is one major drawback that makes me not want to buy this version however: in the week that I’ve had it installed on my BB Pearl, the application has slowed to a crawl, slowing down the entire phone with it. And slowed it down so much that I couldn’t make a call anymore. At other times, I was informed that the BlackBerry had terminated Pocket Informant because it had become unresponsive. This may have been an interaction with other applications on the phone, but to have a phone that won’t make or accept calls is not a good thing.

You can buy Pocket Informant for the BlackBerry for $19.95, or download a limited trial version here.