Well, it’s been a while on this blog. But with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, a stomach virus and an insane workload at my day job, there was little time for blogging.

We’ve done some interesting things at work, we’re finally implementing some real web services for communicating between applications and even sister companies, we’re doing data mining, so lots of new things for me to pick up.

At home, things have been quite on the automation front. We did invest in a GPS device, to cut the Verizon Wireless bill by about $10 a month, and have some more options. Apart from that, I’ve installed Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex on my main computer, and like it a lot (more about that in upcoming posts).

Anyways, I hope everybody had a great holiday season, Happy New Year to y’all and on to a more blog-ful 2009!