It’s been a while since I posted a top 5. To catch up, I’ll post the top 10 of the first half of 2009:

  1. Ubuntu 8.10 connect to Cisco VPN through vpnc
  2. Kensington Bluetooth 2.0 under Windows Vista 64-bit
  3. Blackberry Desktop crashes when reading Outlook calendar
  4. Ubuntu 8.10 installation - GRUB error 18
  5. Nagios - how to determine the name of a service in Windows
  6. Blackberry not syncing with BES
  7. Cursor keys not working in Ubuntu 8.10 VMWare client
  8. Wow64: How to get the Progress Debugger to run in Vista 64-bit
  9. Firefox equivalent of Internet Explorer’s Every Time I visit the Web page
  10. Cursor keys not working in Ubuntu Terminal Services client