I just got my invite to join in the alpha preview of Digg version 4.

Digg v4

The new Digg is a huge improvement over the old version, in that you can now concentrate on what your friends digg, instead of what everybody in the world diggs. This is reflected in the new home page, which focuses much more on the social aspect of Digg.

The center of the page is taken up by the stories being dugg by your friends. The right side bar is showing the top stories as dugg by your friends. And your friends can also be people you have interest in or whose opinion you respect (think of for example the old Screen Savers cast - Leo LaPorte, Patrick Norton, Martin Sargent, and oh yes, Kevin Rose…).

It looks great, and hopefully I’m not breaking any non-disclosure agreements by posting about it. If you want to sign up for the new Digg, head over to new.digg.com and put your name on the list.