The rumor mill is buzzing for tomorrow’s “Back to the Mac” event. And we have a few lined up for you, from “very likely” to “highly unlikely”.

Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion”

The new version of OS X will be announced, and it will be called “Lion”. This is a safe bet - the invitation sports a lion peaking around an apple.

Likeliness: Very likely. Just look at the invitation fercrissake!

Updated versions of iWork and iLife

If a new version of OS X is announced, it normally is accompanied by a new version of iLife and iWorks. On top of that, the German version of announced iLife ‘09 for sale with a release date of 10/20/2010. Coincidence? I think not.

Likeliness: Very likely, based on the fact that a new OS is very likely.

A smaller version of the MacBook Air

An 11.6” MacBook Air version is expected, in addition to the current 13.3” model. There is even a leaked photo to “prove” this.

Likeliness: Likely. There are too many rumors, and even though the picture may be doctored, it’s another hint.

Facetime on Mac

Assuming the new version of OS X and the new versions of iLife/iWorks are coming, wouldn’t it be nice to have Facetime included? It would be the logical extension of the phone paradigm, where the handset calls the “home base”. And since Facetime doesn’t use the cellphone network but requires a WiFi connection, it would be a small step.

Likeliness: Likely. And fun too!

iPhone on the Verizon network

More and more rumors of the iPhone going to other networks appear as AT&T’s exclusivity ends. Verizon is the most mentioned name. And although this may change one of the strengths of the iPhone (surfing the web or using the data connection, while talking on the phone - which seems to be impossible with CDMA), it makes more sense to put the iPhone on Verizon than on T-mobile or Sprint. Why? AT&T’s network can barely keep up with the iPhone traffic - put it on a network that’s as larger or even larger!

Likeliness: Likely to happen, but probably not the focus of an event named “Back to the Mac”.

The iMac Touch is announced

There have been a few rumors about a larger touchscreen version of the iMac. And although Apple has the technology, it would mean a second OS with touch screen capability, competing for roughly the same market segment as the iTouch and iPad. At a higher price point.

Likeliness: Unlikely. It would mean touchscreen capability in OS X, or replacing the OS with iOS. And I’d rather have a $500 iPad in the kitchen than a $1500 iMac.

Apple buys Facebook

I just heard this rumor this morning. And yes, Apple has had a fabulous quarter, and yes, I think the fact that Ping has no link with Facebook pissed off Steve Jobs. But Facebook was valued at over $11 billion early this year, and it’s unlikely to have devalued. So say we’re looking at $15-25B. That’s about 5-10% of Apple’s market cap - a significant chunk of change. And would Microsoft let that happen? Chairs would fly…

Likeliness: Very unlikely. And once again, nothing to do with “Back to the Mac”.