So, how did I do for the event? Let’s revisit the predictions:

Rumor Result Remarks
Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" 🙂 And a nice upgrade. Several things from the mobile (iOS) platform rolled into OS X.
Updated versions of iWork and iLife 🙂 Yay. Love the photo and movie editing and publishing capabilities. GarageBand has now stooped to the level of "any idiot can make music".
A smaller version of the MacBook Air 🙂 Smaller, but also the old 13". And improved battery life!
Facetime on Mac 🙂 Can't wait for integration with the PC!
iPhone on the Verizon network 🙁 They'll have another event for that.
The iMac Touch is announced 😐 Well, sort of: Apple explained why they don't think a touchscreen desktop is a good idea, and showed us the alternative.
Apple buys Facebook 🙁 They may have another event for that...

All in all, 4 1/2 out of 7. Not a bad score I think, considering the craziness of some of the rumors.