Through InfoQ I came across this awesome presentation by Dan North about how to progress from beginner to expert, and how that cycle continues (even after reaching expert level).

Just a couple of tools I’d never heard about:

  • Hudson - A continuous integration tool, for Java projects, that allows easy integration of changes into a project, and easy retrieval of a fresh build.
  • GROW Framework - A coaching/self-help tool. GROW stands for Goal, current Reality, Options, and Will. In a nutshell, it lets you evaluate what you want to do, how you want to do it, and apply yourself to doing it.
  • Six Thinking Hats - A thinking tool for group discussions and individual thinking.
  • Clojure - A strange mix between Java and Lisp..?
  • Open Spaces - A meeting/discussion technique to discuss various topics, in a sort-of ad-hoc conference way. Open Spaces last from half a day to about 2 days.
  • Ivy - The Agile Dependency Manager (and that’s all I have for now).
So it looks like I've got a nice list of things to learn about, on top of trying to learn more about HTML5, JavaScript, C#, Sharepoint, Visual Web Developer, and MS-SQL...