Yesterday Apple announced that the Beatles are on iTunes. Finally.

And after complimenting Apple’s marketing campaign on their really convincing commercials, I think this one falls flat on its face:

“In 1964 the band that changed everything came to America. Now they’re on iTunes.”

What exactly is the message here? It took 46 years for the Beatles to be available on iTunes? Or the fact that you have 13 albums on line?

Amazon’s MP3 download section shows 790 results for the search “Beatles”. And if you really wanted to listen to the Beatles on your iPod but didn’t want to buy it from Amazon, just bring out your old Beatles CDs and import them into your iTunes library.

News? Maybe. Front page news? I don’t think so. Move along everyone, nothing to see.

Update: Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this is NoNews: see this Joy Of Tech comic.