EA Sports has recently released their sequel to EA Sports Active, unsurprisingly named EA Sports Active 2. It expands the number of exercises up to 70, and includes a heart rate monitor. Two motion sensors complete the hardware that a player (is this still a game..?) has to strap to his or her body.

Users are able to upload their workout data to a personalized EA Sports Active profile, and share it with whoever they like. The game also features a 9-week workout program and a built-in personal trainer. Additional exercise and mini-workout programs will be available as downloadable content.

If you have the Wii Balance Board, some of the exercises use the board to enhance the experience.

I think the addition of the personal trainer is a great idea, as long as the trainer is not as annoying as the Wii Fit trainer (who sometimes was downright rude). Sharing your workout data may be a good idea, since if you do not exercise, this will show on-line, and be a little like public humiliation for lack of a better word.

The game retails for $99.95, but if you shop around you can easily knock $20-$30 off that price.