This week’s GotW is almost a golden oldie, in that it has been around for a while, but still one of the most highly rated games.

Cursed Treasure by IriySoft is a game in the tower defense genre. Its main difference with other games in the genre is its medieval atmosphere. It has a couple of nice twists however, that make it interesting and addictive to play.

The ‘landscape’ has a few extra features, like mountains. When you build a tower on top of a mountain, it has a longer range. The player himself gets stronger - insomuch that the three spells he has available either recharge faster, or have a stronger effect. Experience is applied to one of three groups (coinciding with the three types of tower available) - and each increase has a double effect.

All in all a fun game, that cost me many an hour last year, and looks like it’s making me lose a few this year as well.