Today, SlideRocket announced that they have been acquired by VMWare.

SlideRocket is an online presentation tool, that tries to put a new twist on the age-old and most of the time boring PowerPoint presentation. With SlideRocket, you can easily integrate audio, rich media, and instant feedback to bring a presentation to life.

VMWare is an industry-leading virtualization platform, that has a range of products covering anything from simple workstation to multi-core, multi-disk top-of-the-line server array.

By the sound of the press release, it seems to me that VMWare is trying to expand themselves past their core business of virtualization, and get more into cloud computing. Previous steps in that direction include VMWare View, ThinApp and Zimbra. Hopefully, the estimated 20,000 users of SlideRocket will continue to be serviced by this pretty awesome presentation tool.