This week’s game of the week is Papa’s Taco Mia.

In this game, you win a taco eating contest, and the first prize is… your own taco shop. I know, I’d rather win that car or boat, but no, your reward is working.

In the taco shop, you have to take orders, grill the meat, and finish the taco with the customer’s toppings. The faster and better you do it, the higher your score and tips are.

The game is very reminiscent of Papa’s Pizzeria. No big surprise, they’re both from Flipline Studio. The differences between the two games are not that big, as they even seem to use the same customers in both games. The toppings are a little easier in Taco Mia, but the grilling/baking is definitely easier in Pizzeria.

Give it a try (on both games), and see which one you like better. Happy grilling this weekend!