With the release of Windows 10, there has been a huge uproar about the privacy implications when you install it. In some cases Microsoft is accused of stomping over any privacy the user may have, including publicizing all your WiFi passwords to anyone on Facebook.

Of course it’s not that bad. That being said, there are some settings you may want to review, if not alter, to protect data from inadvertently being sent to Microsoft, or used to identify you on other computers.

To help with the various settings, the people behind the isleaked.com website have set up a subsite, https://fix10.isleaked.com/. This subsite describes the different groups of privacy settings, what effect they have, and how to turn them off.

The biggest tip is to not do the Express installation, since this sets a lot of the privacy settings wide open. It’s better to spend the extra 10-15 minutes, and be aware of what pieces of information you’re sharing with Microsoft.