Slowly but surely I’m getting to a working Ubuntu workstation. Tonight I finally made some time to set up the VPN connection - thereby freeing myself from lugging a Windows laptop to and from work every day…

Instrumental in setting this up were two websites: PattonCentral (describing his experiences on setting up version 4.6 and 4.8 of the Cisco VPN Client), and, which is the actual step-by-step instructions (although they are for version 4.6 - version 4.8 doesn’t need the patching as described).

After that, starting the VPN client was simple, and by using the built-in Terminal Server Client I was able to access my work desktop computer. For the connection protocol: RDP works, but RDPv5 works better if you’re using lots of Windows keys.

Next step - bloody iPod synchronization (still haven’t quite figured out gtkPod…).