That was an interesting three weeks. Without any posts to the blog.

First reason was my mom coming over for almost two weeks. She’s from the Netherlands (as am I originally), and visits almost every year. It’s always fun to have her over, but it’s also very tiresome - apart from doing my day job, I now have a second job as tour guide of the area, and a third job as translator. She’s home now though, safe and sound.

Second reason was my wife (and me!) having to make several trips to a fertility doctor in North Carolina. It’s only about a two hour drive away, but added on to the tour guide and translator jobs, this started to wear me out.

Third reason is a project at work, being several months in the making, decided to go into testing phase. Of course some bugs appear, which need to be fixed sooner than ASAP.

And of course all this happens in a period with exciting stuff going on:

  • TiVo releases the Series 3. And it’s on sale. Very expensive though. And some problems with CableCards (long live our cable companies).
  • The release date for the Nintendo Wii is announced (November 19, 2006). And it’s price ($249). It still looks pretty exciting, and I hope I can convince my sweetheart I need one…
  • I caved and bought a Nintendo DS. First of all because of the cool game Brain Age. And second of all because there seems to be interaction between the Wii and the DS (wireless).

Apart from that, lots of new exciting stuff is happening at home itself. Ubuntu is getting a strong foothold here, and I’ll tell more about the 4 things I needed to be able to do. So far I’ve been able to do 2 1/2… We might be getting a dog, so there goes that free time. But more about those things in a different post.